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Tulum man arrested for possessing turtle eggs

Tulum, Q.R. – A local man was arrested Thursday after being stopped for carrying turtle eggs.

A man, who seen walking nervously down a main street of Tulum, caught the eye of local authorities. As he was walking, he was seen trying to hide the backpack he was carrying. In an attempt to make a quick get-away, the individual hailed a taxi.

Several blocks later, police pulled the taxi over and proceeded to investigate the passenger inside. When they searched his backpack, they found a total of 55 turtle eggs.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources(Semarnat) and Tulum National Park became involved in the incident being as the suspect had removed the turtle eggs from the beaches of Caleta Tankah, a protected turtle nesting site.

The man was taken to the Attorney General’s Office in Cozumel with his stolen turtle eggs, where he will undergo legal proceedings.

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