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Tulum gets new president for Association of Hotels

Tulum, Q.R. — David Ortiz Mena who was vice-president of the Association of Hoteliers, has replaced Adolfo Contreras Grosskelwing.

Ortiz Mena is the new president of the Association of Hoteliers. Being a hotelier from Akumal, Ortiz Mena said that Contreras Grosskelwin left his position for health reasons. He says that over the next year, the association will face several challenges such as public safety and the ongoing sargasso problem.

He explained that there are several projects that have been initiated by Contreras Grosskelwing to which they continue working on, mainly in regard to the sargasso.

“We must review not only what solutions to provide, but also that these solutions do not violate other rules,” said Ortiz Mena.

In regard to the lack of beach access points in Akumal, Ortiz Mena says that they will ask for them to be enabled, noting that of the seven listed in the Urban Development Plan, none of them are marked.

Instead, he said, Tulum City Council tried to declare public what is private, which gave rise to a legal conflict in addition to social discontent.

He says when it comes to the litigation issues in Punta Piedra and other tourist areas of the municipality, they will be very vigilant to ensure the law is enforced.

“Often it is not very clear who is right,” he said adding,”The important thing is that the government does not try to support a party. It is not about helping to perform tricks to dispossess, as has already happened.”