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Tulum coffee shop purse-snatcher caught on video

Tulum, Q.R. — A purse-snatcher in a coffee shop in Tulum was captured on video discreetly walking off with a woman’s purse without her noticing.

On Sunday, video surveillance from the Don Cafeto coffee shop in Tulum showed a man walking off with the purse of a woman who had placed it on a peg on a wall between her and her coffee-mate.

In the video, a man of medium height wearing a blue cap, black shirt and knee-length trousers enters the shop with a small backpack in one hand and blue shirt draped over his arm.

When he sees the purse, he slowly walks over and simply lifts it off the peg, hiding it under the shirt on his arm before leaving the coffee shop.

The man is seen arriving with two others, all of whom are carrying bags. One of the men is seen catching the attention of the woman to look in his direction while the other quickly grabs her bag and walks out. The other two men follow him.

The snatch took place Sunday around 11:23 a.m.