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Trump takes a week to offer Mexico condolences

Mexico City, Mexico — US President Donald Trump offers condolences to Mexico nearly a week after the country suffered both a hurricane and earthquake.

The 8.2 earthquake hit the Pacific side of Mexico the night of September 7, only days after the country deployed truckloads of army, medical personnel and supplies to the hurricane devastated United States. Hurricane Katia hit Mexico’s east coast the next day, destroying many areas in and around Veracurz as well as killing two.

It was nearly a week later before the US president called Mexico’s president to offer condolences for the fatalities. During the week, Trump had been heavily criticized by various media around the world for his silence regarding the subject of the earthquake in Mexico.

However, the US president said that “the president of Mexico had not been available because he had no signal,” referring to Peña Nieto’s cell phone.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State of the American Union, had spoken with Peña Nieto to offer help should he need it.