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Trump orders construction of steel border wall at El Paso

El Paso, Texas — On a executive order from US president Donald Trump, the construction of a steel wall has begun along a 6.4 kilometer stretch of border in El Paso, Texas.

The announcement of the construction was made by the US Border Patrol Friday. Head of the Border Patrol in El Paso, Aaron A. Hull, said that the cyclonic mesh that has existed since the 70s will be replaced by a 5.5-meter-high steel wall.

“This new barrier will be more durable and effective to deter illegal entries,” he said.

Hull said on June 1, a construction contract to build the wall was awarded by the government to the company West Point Contractors who are based in Tucson, Arizona.

“The bollard wall has proven to be beneficial for the border patrols to detect illegal entries and the smuggling of narcotics to the United States,” Hull stressed.

The so-called border wall will join a section located just west of the international crossing at Paso del Norte and will extend to the east side of the city of El Paso.

The construction of the wall began Saturday and is expected to be complete toward the end of April 2019 with an estimated cost of $22 million USD.