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Chief of staff Kelly says Trump changed tune about Mexico-US border wall

Washington, USA — John Kelly, chief of staff to President Donald Trump’s government, says that the president’s view on the border wall has shifted and that Mexico is not expected to pay for the wall.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the official said that some of Trump’s campaign promises were “uninformed” when he made campaign promises about a wall.

“Mexico will not pay for the border wall,” said John Kelly, chief of staff after he met with a group of Democratic lawmakers in Washington.

Kelly said he influenced Trump in his stance on certain issues, including the wall and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which was implemented during the Barack Obama administration.

Later, Kelly said the Mexican government will not pay for the construction of the wall. He said that “in one way or another, we may be able to obtain the income.”

The statements of Kelly are in contrast with those of Trump who insisted that Mexico would, in some way, pay for the wall.

US President Donald Trump’s views on the Mexico border wall have evolved, says Kelly.

Mr. Kelly explained the administration is now looking at creating a wall across 800 miles (1,300 kms) of the 3,100 km stretch, a move that would include improving already existing fences.

He said the estimated cost was $20 billion. Mr Trump had originally put the figure at $10-$12 billion.

During his election campaign, Mr. Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for the border wall in its entirety, however, Mr. Kelly says they are now looking at alternative ways to raise the needed funds, including possible visa fees or renegotiating the Nafta trade deal.

“Campaigning is very different from governing,” Kelly added.