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Truck falls through main floor of new condominium complex

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A vehicle has fallen through the main ground floor of a new condominium development that is still being built in central Playa del Carmen.

On Monday, a truck carrying 2.5 tons of material fell approximately 5 meters down through the ground floor of the condominium development, My Menesse The City. The floor that collapsed was the basement ceiling of the condominium. The condo project, which is still in the process of construction, has been suspended by Municipal Civil Protection.

The accident happened just after noon on Monday when the large truck was entering the development via an access ramp and the floor caved in. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene to find the front-end of a large dump truck positioned nearly vertical out of the condo’s ground floor. 

Lucio Salvador Arguea, Civil Protection chief operating officer of Solidarity said, “We had to put 30 suspension stamps on the project, 10 of which were at the point of collapse. The place was cordoned off to avoid further risks and the 180 workers who worked on the project were evacuated.” On site was also a 15-ton crane.

Civil Protection officials have determined that the main floor of the structure is too fragile and should be demolished and rebuilt with proper reinforcements. They have also explained that if My Menesse The City fails to meet the necessary requirements for the rebuild, they will again suspend the project.

The condo company has until Tuesday to deal with the 15 irregularities and numerous fines imposed upon them by Civil Protection.

My Menesse The City is located on the corner of Constituents and 25 Avenue in the city’s center and is comprised of nearly 200 luxury condominiums. There were no causalities reported. The driver of the truck suffered only minor bruises.

The Directorate General for Environmental Management and Urban Development began conducting a comprehensive review of the site for additional irregularities that could present construction risks elsewhere.

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