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Tropical storm Ileana leaves four dead in Guerrero

Guerrero, Mexico — Four people in the state of Guerrero have died after tropical storm Ileana drenches the coast with heavy rain.

The head of the Secretariat of Civil Protection of Guerrero, Marco César Mayares Salvador, announced that heavy rains caused by tropical storm Ileana has resulted in four deaths.

He says of the four dead, two were children who drowned in the lagoon of Tres Palos, one was a tourist who was dragged into the sea by strong currents in the port of Acapulco and the fourth, an adult dragged by currents into the Huacapa River.

He said that a tourist from Mexico City drowned after being dragged by the strong current at La Condesa beach. He was rescued by lifeguards with vital signs, but later died.

The second adult was that of a male who was caught by rushing waters in a ravine along roadway that emptied into the Huacapa River. The death occurred the vicinity of the town of Petaquillas, where he was found drowned.

Mayares Salvador also reported that in the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, on the Costa Grande, at least 20 homes have been reported flooded, as well as flooded streets and avenues around the region.

The state official recommends extreme caution by the general public until the storm weakens and passes.