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Tropical storm Franklin arrives with strong winds, rain

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Tropical storm Franklin has made its way across much of Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya but not before dousing the region with high winds and intense rains.

The main eye of the storm has passed over the region and is continuing on toward the center of the country, west-northwest at 14 mph. Marco A. Lugo Garduño of Servicio Meteorológico Nacional reports that as Franklin continues to cross the peninsula the region remains in the zone of the storm and will continue to see strong winds and rain throughout the day.

Many restaurants along Fifth Avenue were closed for the day as were beach clubs due to the intense rain and swelling waves. Red flag warnings were placed along the beach areas for those who did venture out for a walk along the shores.

Hundreds of tourists from surrounding areas including Tulum opted to ride out the two-day storm in Playa del Carmen where the city offered more activities such as cinemas and mall shopping. Despite the bad weather, no extraordinary losses were reported.

Local fishermen and their boats also reported no losses as they prepared for the storm two days ahead of time. Due to the bad weather, the port authority did order the cancellation of water activity, causing the cancellation of 20 departures.