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Trio arrested in murder of Cozumel businessman

Cozumel, Q.R. – Two women and one man have been arrested in the murder of local businessman Fernando De Leeuw.

The alleged perpetrators of this crime are identified as Miguel “N”, Nataly “N” and Mary “N”.

The first two were apprehended in Progreso, Yucatan and have cooperated with the authorities of that state, while the second woman was arrested in Cozumel.

The body was discovered in his home on June 8 by an employee.

Gaspar Armando Garcia Torres, attorney of Quintana Roo, says the trio have confessed to the crime, which initially began as a robbery.

At a press conference the first lawyer of the state recalled that the body of the deceased was found by an employee inside his home on the street 15 Bis C between 21 and 23 Cuzamil colonial settlers, in one of the rooms. The man was found naked and had suffered several stab wounds.

According to the report, one of the women, Nataly, had been in a sexual relationship with De Leeuw for several years but had also been romantically linked with Miguel who had two children. Miguel and Nataly moved to Progreso in search of better opportunities but were unsuccessful, so they returned to Cozumel where they faced an economic crisis. It was during this time Nataly made the decision to rob De Leeuw.

On June 8, both Nataly and Mary were with De Leeuw at his home while Miguel waited outside “for the right time.” Posing as Mary’s brother, Miguel eventually entered the home where the stabbing took place. The trio then robbed the home, selling the items they stole.

They were arrested July 1.

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