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Travel alert against area could be lifted by next week

Cancun, Q.R. — According to protocol, the travel alert against the area of Playa del Carmen could be lifted by next week.

Marisol Vanegas Pérez, Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, explained that the travel alert put out the US Embassy regarding the Barcos Caribe incident in February, could be withdrawn by early next week.

In order for protocol to be followed and the travel alert reversed, Vanegas Pérez says the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) must clarify several elements including who was responsible.

“The three elements necessary in an alert of this kind for public relations are, what happened? Who was the cause? and What did the government do? Once the PGR clarifies these things, we will communicate the answers to the state department, with whom we have daily communication,” he said.

The prediction of the withdrawal of the alert are estimates made by the tourism industry, he said, when the Department of State (of the United States) made travel recommendations toward other countries, in other occasions.

“So that it is very clear and that consequently, knowing that it is not a terrorist act, that there is no organized crime involved, it is very necessary for the PGR to clarify what follows.”

The strategy is based on three levels, which are the alert, containment, monitoring and metric groups, said the state official.

“The fundamental problem is that a security alert is issued at specific moments before a specific threat. For the one-dimensional criteria of the US Department, there is no negotiation. We are not asked to first provide information.

“We have daily contact with the US embassy and with international organizations.”

He says a travel alert is very different from a warning, which is something most countries update every six months. He also noted that they continue to dispel the negative and misinformation being circulated around social media.

The governor of the state, Carlos Joaquín González, says whomever is found to be responsible for the explosion of the ferry will be punished.