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Toyota launches new hybrid for Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — Toyota has announced the launch of a new hybrid car for Mexico. The Japanese automaker presented its new Prius C which it expects to market 3,500 units of in 2018.

The successful marketing of the new car would help the company reach its sales plan.

Toyota presented its new Prius C for the Mexican market, a version almost 17 percent less expensive than its hybrid Prius, for which the company is hoping to boost its Mexican sales.

Guillermo Díaz, operations manager of the Toyota in Mexico, said “Our president, Akio Toyoda, said that by 2025 all our products must have an electric or hybrid option. In Mexico we are moving towards that plan.”

The Prius C is a vehicle with Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, which means that it is a hybrid car without a plug that instead, charges its battery with the movement of the wheels.

Toyota has also introduced its new small urban van, also known as mini SUV, called C-HR, which will have a price of 359,900 peso.

Guillermo Díaz noted that they expect to market 3,400 units of this model in the country during 2018, which would represent 2.5 percent market share in the segment.

“The mini SUV segment is a new market for us, which we hope will also boost the brand’s sales,” he said.