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Tow truck overcharging halted as tariff regulations set

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City Council officials are in the process of setting tariff regulations for tow truck companies throughout the state of Quintana Roo. This, after years of overcharging allegations by both citizens and insurance companies.

In February, the previous government set up a legal council within the Municipal Traffic Regulation department that would see tariffs set, however, those laws were never enforced.

Many local tow truck operators have been repeatedly accused of overcharging by quadrupling average fees, however, despite their opposition to the new regulations, insurance companies are welcoming the change.

Wilbert Cambranis Medina of Quálitas recalls dealing with inflated rates for years, often four and five times the normal average rate to tow a vehicle which, he says, is between 10.04 peso per kilometer to 472.50 peso per kilometer, depending on the type of truck used to perform the tow.

Leonardo Barrios Jurado director of Seguros Atlas says that on one occasion, an insurance client was charged 30,000 peso to have their vehicle towed from an accident because the client had auto insurance. He said these are not things that happen in other parts of the country.

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