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Tourists swept out to sea at Los Cabos after ignoring storm warning

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur — Three tourists were swept out to sea at Los Cabos after ignoring weather warnings of Tropical Storm Sergio.

Despite tropical storm warnings with the passing of Sergio, three tourists were swept out by the extremely strong currents. The tourists, who were videoed struggling to make their way back to shore, were rescued by a group of local men.

The two men and one woman were eventually pulled back to shore, but not until several failed attempts also pulled would-be rescuers into the strong current. A human chain consisting of several people was made as local men struggled to pull the three back to safety.

The incident took place at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Other tourists were on shore watching as the three nearly drowned after being repeatedly knocked down and pulled back out to sea.

Two days before, the harbor master of Puerto de Los Cabos had released a warning of high waves and strong currents due to the passing storm and advised the public to avoid walking in that area of the beach. People were warned of possible fines for not complying with the public warning.

Due to a natural phenomenon, it is possible at times to walk under the Arch from the beach, something that draws the curious. Earlier in the week, reports say other tourists were also rescued from the same area after trying to walk the arch, ignoring the public safety warnings.