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Tourist suffers broken bones due to inexperienced paratrooper

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A parachuting accident has left one American tourist with hip and leg injuries which was the result of an unsafe parachute landing earlier this week.

The incident happened over the weekend when a 40-year-old American woman crashed to the ground in the community of Playacar in Playa del Carmen. The hard crash-landing is being blamed on the lack of experience of a company paratrooper who failed to see her land safely.

Municipal Tourist Police rushed to the scene where the woman was found lying on the beach. She suffered a fractured hip and femur upon impact and was transported to a local Costamed hospital by private ambulance.

Lucio Salvador Arguea, Operational Director of Civil Protection, explained that “Apparently the lack of experience of the instructor threatened the integrity of this person. We are verifying the company was in violation. They have permission to launch from Cancun but are operating here in Playa without permission. We will not allow this.”

The company responsible for the accident, Sky DiveMex, had already been shut down at least once by Civil Protection for not having the proper permits to offer that level of high-risk activity in the municipality of Playa del Carmen. Municipal authorities continue to probe the parachuting company to issue penalties.

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