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Tourist streets of Cancun city center outfitted with security to revamp area

Cancun, Q.R. — A group of private businessmen have allocated 50 million peso to the city of Cancun for the installation of security cameras and lightening.

A group of 27 businessmen have handed over 50 million peso for the installation of security features in the first square of the city. The money has been used to outfit the tourist areas with security features.

In their first investment installment, the 50 million peso has already seen the placement of lights and cameras in shops and markets along Yaxchilán Avenue, Tankah and Tulum Avenue from the corner with Cobá to El Crucero.

This area was chosen first since it is considered a busy tourist corridor that business owners are hoping will attract up to 4,000 visitors a day during high season. They started with areas where vendors sell handicrafts, food and events, explained Santiago Carrillo, president of the Business Committee.

“For the last eight months, the security project has been worked on with the goal of bringing at least 4,000 daily visitors to the center of the city,” he said.

The private investment is being done in coordination with the Municipal Institute of Urban Development of the Municipality of Benito Juárez. The newly secured areas will be promoted through hotels with maps that will show visitors attractions in the city’s center.

The reactivation of the city center, which has been sought for years by business owners, would create a minimum of 1,500 jobs which have been lost due to the all-inclusive plans in the hotel zone, which business owners say, keeps tourists in the hotel zone.

Santiago Carrillo says there is already an agreement in place with transport companies to offer a shopping tour to hotel zone tourists where they are also provided with a guide to ensure security.