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Tourist loses arm to crocodile attack

Cancun, Q.R. — A tourist has lost his arm after he was bitten by a crocodile at the Nichupté Lagoon in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The attack happened at approximately 3:30 a.m. Sunday in the area of Hotel Le Blanc at Kilometer 10 of the Cancun Hotel Zone. An on-duty security employee heard screams coming from the area of the lagoon which is when he found the man.

Reports say the man was intoxicated and had gone to the lagoon to relieve himself when the attack occurred. The crocodile grabbed the man’s right arm above the elbow and completely severed it.

Paramedics attended to the man who was taken to a private hospital where staff confirmed the remainder of the arm was amputated due to severe injuries. The man is reported as 40-year-old Cal Monzon who was a guest at the Rui Peninsula.

In 2015, a man lost his life after being dragged to the bottom of the Nichupté Lagoon by a crocodile. The man entered the lagoon while intoxicated. His body was found the next day floating in the lagoon.

There are several crocodile attacks each year at the lagoon to those who do not mind the posted warning signs.