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Tourist jumps from Ultramar ferry into sea

Cozumel, Q.R. — A young woman jumped from an Ultramar ferry Thursday evening as the ship made its way from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel.

The tourist, who is believed to be American, jumped overboard from the lower deck of the ferry into the sea. Witnesses say there was no apparent reason for the jump, which occurred about halfway across the route. Ship personnel were quick to respond as two ferry staff members jumped into the sea after her.

She began to swim away from them, shouting and refusing help, however, after more than six minutes of chasing her in the water, the men were able to catch her. While the chase was on, a second Ultramar ferry came on scene to help with the rescue. When the woman was secured, another third ferry staff member from the second boat jumped into the sea to help secure her into the life vessel.

She was moved onto the San Miguel dock where an ambulance was waiting. Paramedics tended to the woman who was not transported to a hospital since she was deemed to be in good health, however, paramedics did note she was in a visible state of intoxication.

The woman, who was traveling with a group of friends, made her way back to Playa del Carmen on a later ferry. No charges have been laid. The incident was recorded by other ferry passengers and uploaded onto YouTube.