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Tourist diving boat sideswiped by large wave, sinks

Cozumel, Q.R. – A boat carrying tourists sank off the island of Cozumel on Monday after experiencing rough seas.

A small group of diving tourists took to the waters off the beach of Palancar at Isla Cozumel on Monday around 2:00 p.m. when their small boat was sideswiped by a large wave. The boat, which has just left the shore, was quickly rushed with water. Palancar Beach Club Manager, Arturo Piñón, saw the boat and called 066 for emergency assistance citing the sinking of a vessel.

Emergency crews arrived at the boat which they found about 200 meters from shore. The two male and two female tourists along with three crew members and their captain were all brought back to shore without injuries.  On land, ambulances and paramedics waited in the event medical attention was needed.

A Navy search and rescue unit also came to assist passengers, but when they arrived, everyone was already resting on the beach. They did however, stay with the sunken boat to alert nearby water vessels as to its presence.

One of the American tourists on board said the incident was unfortunate as they were visiting the island and had set out for a day of diving.  She said while they were heading out to sea a wave suddenly filled the boat with water and it sank. Thanks to the crew, everyone had scuba gear and life jackets.

One of the men on board was visiting from Denmark and said he was in good condition with no injuries. He remarked that he and his companions found the incident to be unfortunate but did not blame the crew.

On Tuesday, several ports along the Riviera Maya temporarily closed waterways to smaller watercraft as the region continues to see high winds and rough seas.


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