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Torres returns to her post after Beristain Navarrete declared winner

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Cristina Torres Gómez, mayor of Playa del Carmen, has returned to her duties at the municipal palace.

The official counting of the votes released July 8 confirmed her defeat to mayor-elect Laura Beristain Navarrete.

Torres indicated that she has a government program to follow, which is to deliver the planned work projects before September 29, the last day of the administration. She said that the transfer from one administration to the next will be a good one since the finances are healthy and is without new debt.

“The debt has been paid on time and the interest rate has improved. Three times the rating has been improved and in 2019, debt can be restructured without penalty,” she explained.

She also said that the trial against Aguakan will continue and should not be neglected. “Everything has been provided that’s needed to win. Now it depends on their defense.”

Laura Beristain Navarrete

The announcement came after the July 8 official count from the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo. The final figures showed Laura Beristain Navarrete finished with 39,439 votes against Cristina Torres Góme, who finished with a final total of 36,363 votes.

Beristain Navarrete said that when she receives her certificate accrediting her as municipal president of Solidarity, returning peace will be her priority.

The new mayor-elect is from the coalition Morena-PT, the same as the new president-elect. She noted that she was happy since they have an elected president with whom she worked for 17 years.