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Torrential rains in Mexico City cause road to collapse under semi

Mexico City, Mexico — The back end of a semi trailer was nearly swallowed by a sink hole in a city street after torrential rains drenched Mexico City.

The back end of the semi fell part way into a large sink hole that formed alongside a deep excavation at the intersection of Avenida Oceanía and Avenida Peñón in the Venustiano Carranza area of the city.

Civil Protection say the moment the semi tractor trailer passed over the roadway, its weight caused the earth to give way, resulting in the rear of the vehicle handing over the edge of the deep excavation site. Reports say the semi accident lead to the fracture of a pipe, resulting in the leak of thousands of liters of water.

The heavy rains began shortly after 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening in the capital’s northern region. The ongoing torrential rains have caused tons of earth to break apart, opening more than 50 linear meters of pavement.

The rains, accompanied by intense hail, caused severe flooding with one of the most affected points being Avenida Oceanía and Avenida del Peñón, a construction site area.

The road collapse also severely affected the Romero Rubio station of the Metro Collective Transportation System.

Personnel from the Water System of Mexico City and Civil Protection arrived to deal with the situation. More rain is forecast for Mexico City over the coming days.