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Tornado rips through Ciudad Acuna killing at least 10

Ciudad Acuna, Mexico — A tornado raged through the northern Mexico border city of Ciudad Acuna early Monday just after daybreak, destroying nearly everything in its path. There was no warning.

Authorities said that Ciudad Acuna, a city of 125,000, across from Del Rio, Texas, suffered torn-apart neighborhoods that has left rescue teams scrambling. So far officials have confirmed 10 people have died.

Rosario Cano, spokeswoman for the interior department of the northern state of Coahuila said 10 people had been confirmed killed so far in the twister, which struck around 6:40 a.m. Central time.

Victor Zamora, interior secretary of the northern state of Coahuila, said, “It hit an area of about seven blocks,” and described the neighborhood as “devastated.”

Photos show cars with their hoods ripped off while another car was bent around the gate of a house. A bus was spotted turned over and crumpled along a road.

Zamora said that the twister struck around the same time school buses were getting ready to take kids to school.

Cano noted that top state officials had set out to review the damage and co-ordinate response to the disaster.


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