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Top app downloads for Mexico in 2017 include games, dating

According to US-based market data and insights company App Annie, Mexico Andriod and iOS users downloaded a hefty amount of trending entertainments apps over the past year, positioning several among leaders.

Apps such as Tinder, Netflix, YouTube and Clash Royale were the most downloaded by Mexicans in 2017.

The most downloaded apps for iOS were Netflix, followed by Clash Royale, YouTube, Tinder, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, HBO Go, Spotify Music, Pokemon Go and the game Slotomania: Vegas Slot.

Although the list for Android varies by popularity, it is very similar with Clash Royale, Pokemon Go and Netflix being ranked in the top three downloads followed by Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Tinder and Google Drive.

Oliver Aguilar, analyst at the IDC consultancy, said that all the demand is linked to the goal of the developers of apps to generate greater profits for the experience they offer.

“The maximum objective of an application is to provide an experience, but also receive a monetary income that allows them to generate development and work on better experiences for the client,” he said.

Applications like Spotify are offered in a scheme called freemium, a mix between free and premium where the user is given limited access on several devices, but once subscribed they have access to another areas of the app that provide a better experience.

At the end of 2017, the market value of downloadable applications in Mexico reached $40 million USD, but by 2018, a 30 percent increase is expected, reaching $52 million USD, according to projections of the company Statista.

They say that during 2017, there were 5.7 million app users in the country and that by 2018, there will be about 7.2 million.

According to the market research company, they forecast that between 2017 and 2022 the market value of application downloads in Mexico could grow 160 percent.

The study ComScore international on trends and mobile behaviors shows that each Mexican spend an average of 3,355 minutes per year using mobile apps. This figure is ahead of other app-savvy countries such as Germany, Italy and China.

The most popular dating apps used in Mexico include Tinder at 59.6 percent, followed by Badoo, Happn and Ginder Gay Dating with 9.7 percent.

Efrén Páez, analyst Mediatelecom Policy & Law, said that although trends focus on the experiences with the highest demand in dating and game apps, there are segments that still need to be developed in the market to have a more solid ecosystem.

“A user can include health applications, financial services and even purchases, which are still segments that have a very high growth trend,” he said.

Worldwide, Statista reports that China is the king in application downloads with a market value of $591.4 million USD followed by the United States with $525.5 million USD. India comes in third with $113.5 million, while Japan spends $92.1, the United Kingdom $80.1 and Mexico with $40.4 million USD of the market.