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Time for change as Mexico City taxis prepare for pink

Head of the Federal District, Miguel Angel Mancera, announced last August that Mexico City’s taxi colors will change. Instead of the current candy red and solid gold color scheme with the angel emblem, city taxis will be painted pink and white with a CDMX logo.

This mandatory change, which was announced by Secretary of Mobility in the Official Gazette of city government, will be the city’s fourth in 15 years.

The color change will affect approximately 140,000 taxis that currently circulate throughout the city. Taxi dealers are responsible for ensuring their taxis are painted by the deadlines, which vary depending on the year of the car.

Taxis that are 2007 and 2008 models are required to be painted corresponding to Vehicular Magazine 2015, which for many is July 2015, while 2009 / 2011 models have until Magazine Vehícular in 2016. Newer 2012 models don’t have to worry about complying with the news paint changes until July 2017, allowing five different varieties of taxis to roam the city which many assume, will generate a lot of confusion.

The base color of the taxi will be white on which a top layer of pink Pantone 226C  will be applied “up to 10 inches below the windows of the doors of the unit.”

In addition, all cars will have the label of “Taxi” on the front doors and have a legend of “CDMX MEXICO CITY” in the rear, hood and trunk, a hallmark of the Mancera administration.

The cost of changing the images is expected to be between $4,000 and $10,000 dollars depending on the work involved.

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