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Tienda Diabetes and IBM launch Mexico’s first online drugstore, Farmacia Online

Mexico City, Mexico – Tienda Diabetes and IBM Commerce have teamed up for the launch of Mexico’s first online drugstore, Farmacia Online.

Tienda Diabetes is a Mexican healthcare provider that now, with collaborated efforts from IBM Commerce, have created an online pharmacy to provide cancer and diabetes patients with affordable, same-day delivery of treatments, medications and personalized care.

Tienda Diabetes, which is a business unit of Soluciones Hospitalarias Integrales (SOHIN), has been working with IBM Commerce to help provide better care for those living with cancer, diabetes and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Until now, those in need of medications often had to go to multiple locations to find and purchase the drugs needed for their condition. If the medication needed was sold out, patient’s health was at risk.

“With Mexicans spending about $382 million on diabetes medications annually, the disease is a major challenge for the Mexican national health system,” explained Juana Marcela Ramírez, general director of SOHIN.

“We needed to address the growing demand for better access to medicines and treatments that had not been readily available. Through the collaboration with IBM, Tienda Diabetes’ Farmacia Online is providing an affordable and efficient way for patients to access the medicine they need, when they need it.”

With Farmacia Online, patients can browse through and purchase any of the 3,500 listed medical products, including low-sugar foods, medications and treatments, within a few minutes and in one place. Patients can even consult with pharmacists online about treatments and share feedback and experiences with other customers.

“The Mexican health care industry needs to adapt to a new generation of patients who are taking proactive roles in their health care and who expect real-time services at their fingertips,” said Guillermo Labastida, executive, IBM Commerce.

“SOHIN’s partnership with IBM, as well as with local doctors and pharmacists, gives patients affordable, faster and more reliable health care support.”

Regular customers can also set up recurring purchases as well as schedule automatic refills and other reminder alerts. Tienda Diabetes also offers same-day delivery options for a patient to receive their purchases within just a few hours, 40 percent faster than the average national delivery time.

Farmacia Online offers its services to insurance companies and is a national distribution network.


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