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Ticket booths removed from Fifth Avenue

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A lack of proper permits saw the removal of eight ticket booths in downtown Playa del Carmen.

On Thursday, municipal officials had a total of eight water transport company ticket booths removed from the overcrowded Fifth Ave. shopping area. Of the eight booths, three of them belonged to Barcos Caribe, the water transport company set up by ex-govenor Roberta Borge Angulo.

Director of Inspection and Collection, Leslie Jennifer Pérez Ceballos, reported that as part of the reordering of Fifth Avenue, which is the main tourist artery of Playa del Carmen, Fifth Avenue and the surrounding streets are seeing the removal of modules. People who do not have the proper regulations to work in the area, which in this case are the eight ticket offices, are being removed.

“Because these companies did not have operation permits they were notified to make the withdrawal of these modules that sell the tickets. We have talked with Barcos Caribe where we closed three of the modules they had. Likewise, Ultra Mar were also notified for the withdrawal of three of their modules,” she explained.

Pérez Ceballos noted that another reason for the removal was to eliminate the visual pollution of the street, to improve the image of the tourist area.