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Three pet lions removed from private home rooftop in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — A homeowner who had three lions living on the roof has been reported to animal welfare in Mexico City.

A neighbor made the complaint to animal services after seeing the three lions living in a semi-enclosed space on the roof with a dog. The animals consisted of two female lions and one male along with a rottweiler.

All four were photographed living on an adapted roof in the area of Iztacalco in Mexico City. Sárika Savic, the neighbor, said one day she noticed movement on the roof. Assuming it was dogs, she quickly realized they were lions.

She filed an official complaint with authorities who visited the home. Omar Rodríguez, the owner of the animals, said that he acquired them in a lion farm, adding that all paperwork was in order and he had acquired them legally, having had the lions since they were infants.

He said he had the lions for his grandchildren and that all necessary security was in place.

However, after paying a visit to the home, officials from the Federal Office of Environmental Protection said they have seized all three lions, whose names are Nohosh, Numbi and Gorda. They said the animals were removed after the owner failed to prove the legal paperwork needed. They also said that the homeowner failed to provide the necessary security to keep such animals in captivity.

“We observed that the conditions were not suitable to keep felines. Although they are on a roof and they are enclosed, it is an open place. It is not a place that has the proper conditions,” said Joel González Moreno, General Director of Inspection and Surveillance of Wildlife, Marine Resources and Coastal Ecosystems of Profepa.