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Three Merida police officers arrest two for attempted bribery

Merida, Yucatan — Three police officers have arrested two men who attempted to bribe them with 200,000 peso in cash.

Juan Gabriel Cardona González and Andrés Isaías Castillo Herrera were charged with the crime of bribery after attempting to pay off two Merida police officers with 200,000 peso in cash.

The duo were stopped by the Merida policemen on the afternoon of June 28 along the Valladolid-Tizimín highway. A search of their vehicle revealed a suitcase loaded with 2.9 million peso in cash. When questioned, the pair were unable to verify where they got it.

PEI agents Eder Jesús González, Luis Alberto Gutiérrez Ramírez and David Alejandro Canto Noceda were offered the cash in exchange for their silence. The three policeman said that the two offered them the cash to not arrest them and to allow them to leave with the suitcase of money.

The official complaint was filed by Eder Jesús González Pool against the two bribers. Their hearing has been set for July 6.