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Three irregular tourist booths in Cancun Hotel Zone seized

Cancun, Q.R. — After citizen complaints, city officials in Cancun have removed three tourist street businesses in the Cancun Hotel Zone for lack of permits.

The City of Benito Juárez, through the Directorate of Commerce, has removed two booths selling tourist services without any of the necessary documentation.

Christian Solórzano Amezcua, head of the agency, reported that the removal was in compliance with the Commerce Regulation in the Public Road of the Benito Juárez Municipality, which prohibits the presence of street vendors in the hotel zone.

Photo: El Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez

He says that they had also received complaints from tourists who say the tours and services being offered were fake. From this, officials visited several areas and removed three temporarily set up service booths.

One in the vicinity of Plaza Forum. Another seizure was made at Playa Tortugas where they found another semi-fixed tourist booth and the third, at Plaza Parián all in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Solórzano Amezcua pointed out that the owners of these booths had already been notified to withdraw from the public road and since they did not comply, were considered repeat offenders and had their items confiscated.

After the booths and items were seized by the city, the three business owners were taken to the El Torto or Center of Municipal Retention.