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Three cartels operating in Cancun says head of public safety

Cancun, Q.R. — The Secretary of State Public Safety says there are three criminal groups operating in the city of Cancun and that they have arrested 15 members so far.

Rodolfo del Angel Campos says that they are aware of three cartels operating at Benito Juarez Plaza and that in recent days, they have arrested 15 people in three take-downs all related to recent shootings in the city.

Del Angel Campos reported that in the municipality of Tulum, they have also made arrests of those related to several executions in Cancun.

He says the federal police have been involved in these arrests, noting that low-impact crimes have fallen by almost 3 percent, but acknowledged that high-impact crimes such as homicides, have risen considerably.

He mentioned that every week they meet with their police counterparts and other legal corporations to review weekly results and study the geodetic maps in relation to criminal incidents being committed in the region.

He says that sector 4, which includes the municipality of Benito Juárez, is where the largest increase in high-impact crimes has been seen. Del Angel Campos says that in coming days, police will reinforce the vigilance in the area with a canine group and more police members for greater coverage of the municipality.

He also explained that the Quintana Roo Seguro contract has been signed, which now allows them to install surveillance cameras and metal detectors which, he explained, will be placed at the entrances and exits of the municipalities and state.

He said that they have already begun work in the Cancun Hotel Zone where they are determining the best places to install the 2,000 cameras they have. He added that they anticipate having everything operational within three months.