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Three Cancun police officers arrested for kidnapping

Cancun, Q.R. — Authorities from the Criminal Investigation Agency say they have apprehended five alleged kidnappers, three of whom are current Cancun police officers.

The five arrested were found linked to the same kidnapping crime. According to a statement from the Attorney General’s Office, the three Cancun police officers were arrested Tuesday morning as they arrived for work.

The three were arrested by officers from the department of Investigation of Organized Crime on alleged kidnapping charges and immediately flown to Mexico City for questioning.

The Attorney General says that the former officers who have been detained are identified only as Ulises “N”, Nabil Josué “N” and Saydi Oyuki “N”. Each of them has been arrested for the kidnapping of four Colombians that police say were detained by the trio and handed over to a criminal group reportedly linked with the Jalisco Cartel.

In Mexico City, two citizens have also been arrested for the related kidnapping. The Criminal Investigation Agency reported that Masayoshi “N” and Nathali “N” of Colombian nationality, were both arrested for the crime of kidnapping.

The charges stem from the kidnapping of four Colombians in December of last year. The body of only one of the four has ever been found. One of the kidnapped Colombians was found decapitated. The other three remain missing.

The Colombian government has heavily criticized Mexico for not detaining those responsible for the kidnapping and at least one murder of its citizens.

The Attorney General explained that those arrested will be placed inside the Federal Criminal Justice Center for the crime of aggravated kidnapping.

In a statement, the City Council of Benito Juarez says the arrests are part of a “profound restructuring of the police force”, to remove the officers that have “violated the trust of citizens”.