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Three arrested in Cozumel for suitcase of drugs

Cozumel, Q.R. — Three people have been arrested in Cozumel after they were found carrying a suitcase of drugs.

The trio were arrested by state police after a search found them in possession of a suitcase of marijuana.

According to the police report, a Volkswagen car was seen suddenly changing course on Rafael E. Melgar Avenue in what seemed like an attempt to avoid the police security filter.

Their suspicious actions caught the attention of police who intercepted the car.

The three were found contradicting one another when police questioned them about the luggage. Upon inspection, police found the suitcase was full of marijuana.

All three were arrested and handed over to the Attorney General’s Office. Police say that detention is part of the surveillance and crime prevention strategies carried out by the Ministry of Public Security.

In June, a specialized K-9 dog was responsible for the arrest of a woman who was attempting to take the Playa del Carmen ferry to Cozumel with 43 kilos of marijuana in two suitcases.