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Thousands visit local graves in celebration of Dia de Muertos

Cancun, Riviera Maya — Thousands of people were counted entering the local panteóns in Cancun and Playa del Carmen as they paid tribute to their loves ones for the days of Día de Muertos.

Local graveyards recorded an average of 8,000 per day as friends and family members headed into the panteóns to remember their loved ones. There were no tears shed since Día de Muertos is about celebrating lives, which is traditionally done with photos, flowers, food and favorite items including toys for children who have died.

Auric Oliver Maquinay, director of Public Services in Solidaridad reported thousands of people arriving at the grave site with hundreds coming in the evening. Vendors were outside the entrances where visitors were able to buy flowers, candles, incense, food and other objects traditionally placed on the tombs and altars of the deceased.

Photo: Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes

A majority of the grave sites also offered prayers for the arrival of the souls in celebración del Hanal Pixan, a Maya tradition. While some stood and listened to the sermon, others finished arranging graves or enjoyed the traditional food that is offered to the deceased such as mucbilpollo and tamales. Many grave sites also had live music by mariachis.

Dia de Muertos is celebrated around Mexico by some on the eve of October 31, but traditionally, it is celebrated around the country November 1 and 2.