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Thousands traveling to Cancun affected by taxi driver blockades

Cancun, Q.R. — The Autobuses de Oriente company (ADO) reports that around 13,000 passengers experienced travel delays due to taxi driver road blocks.

Lourdes Jiménez Rojo, ADO manager in Playa del Carmen, said that these figures correspond to the 300 passenger runs they made Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Like the rest of the people, we were also affected because our passengers, traveling either to Cancun, Puerto Morelos, to Cancun Airport, were affected.

“We have a time of one hour, 20 minutes to Cancun that was taking three or four hours per trip,” said Jiménez Rojo adding that they received many complaints from passengers who were about to miss their flights out of Cancun.

“At this time, the economic impact for the company is the least of our concerns. I think we are more concerned about the impact on the image of the destination with the tourists,” she explained.

Businesses and hotels say taxi drivers should not be allowed to protest by blocking roads.

Alejandro Zozaya Gorostiza, CEO of Apple Leisure Group said, “It’s amazing that taxi drivers are allowed to do this, creating terrible chaos by closing the federal highway.”

The business community is working to support the government, said Abelardo Vara Rivera, hotel entrepreneur.

“They should not be allowed, under any circumstance, to block the roads…not to believe, as a guild, that what they have done could damage in such a brutal way an entire destiny, a state, the whole of society. It’s unforgivable,” he said.

Vara Rivera added that both the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council and the Hotel Association of Cancun and Puerto Morelos support the approval of the Mobility Law and hope that more state chambers and associations, as well as unions from other sectors, will join.

In Cancun, mobility is essential and the right of visitors to travel and transport at their convenience is a priority, said Carlos Gosselin Maurel, hotelier and former president of the Hotel Association of Cancun.

“The attitude of taxi drivers is absurd. It threatens the freedom of transport users. The attitude of taxi drivers manifests their inability to provide a similar service, manifests the corruption of governments that give more license plates than service capacity.

“What hurts, what hurts is the shame that these scandals are mostly politically motivated by the license plate holders and not by the operator of the taxi they exploit,” he said.

A report from the Cancun International Airport confirmed two flights to Europe were delayed due to the taxi protests as plane passengers were stranded on buses bound for the airport.

They also said that at least 65 other flights were affected due to the taxi drivers blockade.