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Thieves loot shops as Florida suffers Irma

Miami, Florida — Groups of thieves in different Florida cities were caught on video looting stores as millions suffered the after affects of Hurricane Irma.

One group of looters were caught on camera Sunday as they entered a back door to a Miami Foot Locker and exited with armloads of shoe boxes before hastily running to the getaway cars.

In Fort Lauderdale, authorities arrested nine people for looting several stores including two clothing stores and one sports shop. They were all caught on camera

“Going to prison for a pair of sneakers is a pretty bad vital decision,” said City Police Chief Rick Maglione.

Other areas have warned looters that they will be punished and persecuted.  South Florida law enforcement officials promised to police the streets to prevent looting, but with unsafe winds currently pummeling the region, it’s not known if units are currently on patrol.

In Miami-Dade County, the most populous of Florida, a curfew was ordered.

The intense rains and the powerful wind gusts of Hurricane Irma have put Miami in a chaotic situation, with thousands of people without electricity, streets flooded by rainfall and rising sea levels and collapsing trees.