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The Restaurants of Cancún Hotel Zone to promote eateries

Cancun, Q.R. – More than 16,000 copies of The Restaurants of Cancún Hotel Zone are ready to be distributed around city hotels to promote local eateries.

The Restaurants of Cancún Hotel Zone program is in its second edition, promoting some of the best restaurants in the hotel zone. Mauro Amati, program coordinator, says the pamphlets will be distributed in lobbies and hotel rooms to help promote local restaurants outside of the all-inclusive hotels.

Many restaurants in the Cancún Hotel Zone have been affected by the all-inclusive hotels. Instead of competing, the idea of the concept is to join in the program and generate greater economic benefit for all eateries. Trucks with large advertising banners of the program will also be present in the Cancún Hotel Zone.

Amati explained that Banamex, who is an investor in the campaign, “Paid  part of the budget and thus began advertising on trucks as well as made a heavy investment in the website, The Restaurants of Cancún Hotel Zone to strengthen the promotion.” Online, visitors can choose from fine dining, premium dining or casual.

Banamex has also made an alliance with Discover Card to offer discounts to participating restaurants and promoters.

The program was made in 2014 with an alliance with the Association of Hotels of Cancun and Puerto Morelos. The future of the program is to include downtown Cancun restaurants.


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