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The National Electoral Institute calls on Mexicans living in the US to vote

The National Electoral Institute (INE) is calling on all Mexicans living in the United States to vote in the upcoming July 1 elections.

The call comes midst the International Day of Call for Voting from Abroad from March 16 to 18. INM notes that the American cities of Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles are among those with the largest number of Mexican nationals living in the United States.

Organizations in these cities have arranged activities to bring forward information about the upcoming Mexican elections and reiterate the importance of their vote from abroad. Mexicans living in American cities are also instructed on how they can place their vote from within the US.

In a statement, INE says there have been different events including academic meetings in an effort to promote citizen interest and participation in the upcoming elections in Mexico.

They also noted that as of March, there were more than 629,000 credential cards sent to the consulates offices and over 490,000 of them picked up by Mexicans living abroad.