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The battle over Cancun Uber public vote continues

Cancun, Q.R. — The battle over the Cancun Uber public vote continues between taxi drivers, businesses and the state.

Through a press conference, taxi drivers from Cozumel are describing the public Uber vote as treason. Miguel Alonso, general secretary of the taxi drivers union of Cozumel, says there will be demonstrations in all municipalities at their disapproval of the private car service.

After threatening to stop work, Cancun taxi drivers have decide to change their strategy declaring they will protest in peace to ensure their petitions are heard. A meeting will be held this week between union officials and the Secretary of State Government, Francisco López Mena.

Miguel Alonso explained that Lopez Mena was asked to not allow the entry of platforms that offer the urban transport service without a concession.

“We are working. We have the same platforms. The only thing we want is that if more platforms are going to enter, that it be equal, even floor for all. If they are going to enter with their platforms, let it be with a concession.”

Erasmo Avelar, secretary of the Trade Union of Tax Drivers Andrés Quintana Roo says, “We are going to talk with them. Negotiation does not exist. We do not want the public consultation (…) I think the governor has to understand that it is affecting more than 100,000 families of Quintana Roo.”

Avelar added that the first three injunctions against the consultation have already begun to be processed in the courts. “Each of the unions will get an injunction since there is a law that states that there should not be a public consultation in a political event.”

However, president of the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council, Eloy Peniche Ruiz, says the public vote for Uber Cancun is a fact, so people need to participate adding that they city has every right to raise its quality of standards and have the best transport options.

He says that Uber exists all over the world where different options coexist without any problem, ruling out that a public consultation influences the citizenship political vote.

“Cancun must be a mature city that expresses how it feels, so that a minority does not choose over the majority,” he said.

Peniche Ruiz considered that “Those who have used this service in other parts of the country know it is an excellent mobility system with multiple advantages. He says you have an invoice, a predetermined route, a fixed price that gives you security, and when you arrive at the destination, they don’t want to charge an exorbitant amount.”