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The aftermath of Earl leaves 41 dead, thousands homeless

Mexico City, D.F. — Hurricane Earl has finally left Mexico, but not before a death toll of 41.

Heavy rains caused by remnants of the storm caused landslides in central and southeastern states of Mexico leaving at least 41 people dead and thousands homeless.

The government reported 29 deaths, at least 15 of them minors, after several homes remain buried by landslides in the mountains north of Puebla. The government of Veracruz reported 11 killed in similar circumstances in that state.

Earl dissipated over the weekend in the Mexican mountains after passing through Belize and a small portion of the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico. Although Earl turned into a tropical storm, its heavy rains caused havoc in the states of Puebla and Veracruz.

In the municipality of Huauchinango, nearly 200 km from Mexico City, officials recorded in 24 hours the equivalent of nearly “all the rainfall for one month”.

As a result of the excessive rain, “a hill broke free” in the community Xaltepec, leaving 11 dead, eight of them minors. In the municipality of Huauchinango there were landslides in three colonies that left 13 dead, seven of them children.

While other municipalities searched for their deceased, overflowing rivers in Veracruz were responsible for the death of 11 people due to landslides. Other mountainous regions also reported deaths due to heavy rains and mudslides.

Officials estimate that of the 237,000 people that were evacuated from Earl’s path, more than 11,000 people were directly affected with loss of homes.


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