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Teachers hold protest in Cancun for unpaid salary increase

Cancun, Q.R. — A group of teachers who said they represent more than 300 throughout the state held a protest in Cancun to demand a promised pay increase.

The teachers took to the city’s headquarters of the Secretariat of Education for Quintana Roo, demanding the 35 percent increase promised to them since January of this year.

Teachers who passed the evaluation tests in January were marked for the pay increase, however, according to the protesting teachers, that pay never materialized.

A letter was sent to state governor, Carlos Joaquín González, with teachers saying the Secretariat of Education did not resolve the issue.

They stressed that so far no authority, state or federal, has listened to their requests, adding they were going to wait until September 21 for their payment, otherwise new pressure measures will be announced.

“Talking about a work stoppage is premature,” said Vilma Revolorio Gómez, a teacher affected. “We have to reach agreements with our colleagues to determine any actions if payment is not met.”

Students around the country returned to classes less than a month ago.