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Taxpayers paying early to get discounts

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — December 1 is the first day for locals to take advantage of tax discounts by paying early.

The Municipal Treasury will begin their Predial Advance Payment program on December 1, offering a sizeable discount to those who pay their 2016 taxes early and in one installment.

Taxpayers paying in December will receive a 20 percent discount. Those who pay in January will receive a slightly lower  discount, while those who wait until February will get an even smaller reduction in taxes.

According to the Department of Revenue of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, citizens who pay their taxes from December 1 to 15 will receive 20 percent discount. Those paying between December 16 to 31 December are entitled to a 15 percent reduction, while those paying in January will get a 10 percent discount and into February, a 5 percent reduction in property taxes.

Hugo Fabio Bonilla, director of Revenue, said that projected revenues for the month of December for payment of property taxes are 280 million peso. A figure that constitutes nearly half of the annual provisions for the 2016 year. The total anticipated revenue generated by property taxes for 2016 is 574 million peso.

He says that in 2015, out of the 315,000 registered tax payers with the Municipal Treasury, about 200,000 made payments.

Fabio Bonilla explained that for the Predial Advance Payment program, additional workstations have been set up around the city to make it easier for people to pay. In Plaza Las Américas there are three cash boxes where people can pay their taxes. There is also another three set up in Plaza Mis Héroes and 20 cashiers at Palacio Municipal.

Predial tax payments can also be made at banks, online at H. Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez or using the SimplePay app method.

The revenue director said that in the last two years of government backlog, the collection of property taxes has been reduced due to the new program, with 60 percent of taxpayers being current on payments. The 40 percent of delinquent taxpayers with outstanding debt of one or more years are mostly comprised of businesses and shop owners.

During the month of November, approximately 8,000 delinquent taxpayers took advantage of discounts on surcharges.


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