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Taxi Rosa to start in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — The popular women-only taxi service, Taxi Rosa, is set to begin in Cancun.

This will be the city’s second attempt at offering the female-only taxi service around the city. The first attempt was in 2012 when the state’s taxi union had control of the idea. Although a handful of Taxi Rosa cars were sent out on Cancun streets, the project was not a success.

Taxi drivers such as Virginia Vasquez, who is currently a driver with the Andres Quintana Roo Taxi Union, says the project back then was not properly promoted, so most women drove normal taxis.

“I began with this project” she says. “But the problem was that the women were still occupying the regular taxis because there were only few cars for the entire city. I also ended up returning to driving the regular taxi service.”

She explained that she is now learning about the new initiative to implement Taxi Rosa for Cancun and says that this time, they need to have a fleet big enough to service the area as well as a culture that will use the service.

Alejandro Ramos Hernandez, transport director of Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), says that this time the project will be set up through the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport and the Instituto Quintanarroense de la Mujer (IQM). He says that the first time the project was set up through the union with a small fleet, which failed by 2015.