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Taxi drivers removing tourists from vans is illegal says Sintra

Cozumel, Q.R. — An incident that took place last week where taxi drivers blocked a road and removed tourists from vans into taxis, is illegal says Sintra director.

Transportation Director of the Infrastructure and Transportation Secretariat (Sintra), Alejandro Ramos Hernández says that for no reason is it justifiable or legal for taxi drivers to unload tourists from vehicular units, even if they are right.

In a meeting with taxi drivers in Cozumel, he mentioned that having loaded tourists from federal transport vans, as happened five days ago, was an illegal act.

“What Sintra wants is not to injure any tourist. Everyone has to come to enjoy the tourist town and in an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, either by the authorities or by public transport,” said the state official.

Four federal transport units were blocked on January 4 and tourists forced to board taxis to reach their final destination. A video recorded at the scene shows a patrol of Sintra in the place, covering the path of the vans.

Ramos Hernández reiterated that taxi drivers can not do justice on their own.

“What the taxi drivers did to get the tourists out of the trucks in Cozumel is illegal. They should ask the authority for help, either Sintra or the Federal Police to put order in this situation,” he said.