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Taxi drivers continue to shut out competition

Cancun, Q.R. — Local taxi drivers continue to shut out competition with a recent protest in Puerto Aventuras.

A confrontation between union of taxi drivers and mototaxi operators took place on Tuesday in Puerto Aventuras that resulted in two injuries and two moto units being burned.

Mototaxi operators were aggressively shut down by unionized taxi drivers. This latest altercation comes on the heels of last week’s confrontation with Uber Cancun when taxi drivers there blocked roads, preventing Uber drivers passage to deliver passengers.

Since then, a petition to legalized Uber Cancun car service has been put into place, while Luis de Uriate, director of Communications of Uber Mexico and Latin America, says that the Uber Cancun app has been downloaded more than 180,000 times since September 14.

Sindicato de Taxistas on Cozumel has announced they intend to activate their own app called Taximel. The new app will allow people to request taxi transportation from a smartphone. Cozumel union officials also say that as part of their changes, they will improve the quality and attention of service to the community.

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