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Tall ships arrive to island of Cozumel during 157-day voyage

Cozumel, Q.R. — The captains of eight tall ships were on hand to receive state governor Carlos Joaquín Tuesday during the opening of the annual Velas Isla Cozumel 2018 Festival.

Carlos Joaquín, who was accompanied by naval commanders, led the reception ceremony for the captains. The tall ships sailed from various countries around Latin America where they will participate in a 157-day voyage, visiting other ports in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Curacao, and Dominican Republic.

Photo: Gobierno de Quintana Roo

Mexico’s school-ship Cuauhtémoc also participates in the annual event, which is sailed by members of the Navy of Mexico. The tall ships will set sail again Thursday from the island of Cozumel and head to Veracruz where they will dock from August 27 until September 2.

The Festival Velas Isla Cozumel 2018 finishes in Cozumel on August 23 and has become a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike. The captains and their crew set sail for the 157-day journey, covering more than 12 thousand nautical miles of Latin American coasts.

Photo: Gobierno de Quintana Roo

This year, the Festival Velas saw the arrival of Libertad from Argentina, Cisne Branco from Brazil, Esmeralda from Chile, Gloria from Colombia, Guayas from Ecuador, Unión from Peru, Simón Bolívar of Venezuela as well as Mexico’s Cuauhtémoc.