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Talks begin to relocate irregular families to make way for Maya Train

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The state government is beginning work that would see the relocation of more than 2,500 who have settled on land that is earmarked for the upcoming Maya Train project.

Eduardo Ortiz Jasso of the Agencia de Proyectos Estratégicos del Estado says that the government of Quintana Roo has begun to work in particular areas such as the municipality of Solidaridad where there are irregular settlements in areas that must freed in order to use the land for the project.

He explained that the government is working on a housing program through the Secretaría Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano (Sedatu) which would see the relocation of approximately 2,600 people who occupy the land in about 700 homes.

“This is a very particular case in the area of Solidaridad where there is an invasion. We have already begun to work with the municipality of Solidaridad, and what is happening in that sense, is that the train project is being used as an opportunity to solve these problems of irregular settlements,” he said.

He said that talks with the people who live there have already started. Over the upcoming weeks, the first approach will be discussed to solve the housing problem. The relocation project has been presented to the Instituto Nacional de Suelo Sustentable (Insus) where, once agreed, would see the government contribute land for them to live.

Officials from the National Institute of Sustainable Land (Insus) are in the process of evaluating the territorial reserves proposed since the requirements are not only to build houses or simply relocate families, but also to provide a comprehensive project that has schools, health centers and recreational areas.