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Tafer Hotels and Resorts says four more for Mexico’s Caribbean

Cancun, Q.R. — Four new hotel developments are being prepared for Mexico’s Caribbean by Tafer Hotels and Resorts.

The company currently operates several hotels in the area and says they are looking to build four more. Three would be constructed on the mainland of Isla Mujeres and possibly one more in Riviera Maya.

The three for Isla Mujeres would be under the Garza Blanca brand with Hotel Mousai being the Riviera Maya brand.

Robert Kistner, Tafer’s project manager for the Caribbean, says that the three Isla Mujeres hotels would add another 1,000 rooms to the area.

“The first 250 rooms will be in operation in mid-2019. Garza Blanca Cabo is currently being built and will be operational in November. At the end of that we will probably come to build in Riviera Maya in the municipality of Solidaridad, but it is not yet definitive,” he explained.

Kistner says that the group sees the panorama views of the Vacation Clubs, who have shown a growth increase of approximately 15 percent in volume of sales with their main market coming from the United States and Canada.