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Swimmers enjoy the Seine for first time in nearly a century

Paris, France — After almost a century of prohibition, sunbathers will be able to swim in the Seine. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, inaugurated the first dedicated swimming area in a channel of the Seine, that for nearly a century, has been prohibited for sanitary reasons.

The area is located in Villette, in the north of Paris, and is made up of three floating pools installed alongside one of the banks of the river.

The swimming areas, which are free of charge, has different depths that are suitable for both adults and children to swim. Paris City Council says the pools are refreshed with natural water from the river now that the water quality is deemed suitable and that the water is not treated with “chemical or biological procedures’.

Nine collectors arrive daily to measure the cleanliness of the water, which has attracted mostly children and young people on its first day where city temperatures reached 34 degrees Celsius.

The French capital plans to progressively open more swimming spaces in the coming years until the entire river is suitable for swimming. Paris is hoping to host the Summer Olympics in 2024.

Swimming in the Seine River was banned in 1923 for sanitary reasons. At present the fine for swimming in the river is around$12 USD