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Suspected thief tied to town post by residents for police

Tlaxcoapan, Hidalgo — A would-be thief was tied to a light pole in the municipality of Tlaxcoapan after local residents caught him trying to rob a home.

The 21-year-old man, who was caught in an attempted home robbery Friday morning, was subdued by local residents and tied to a public light pole in the town’s center until police arrived. However, locals were not so willing to give up their criminal without a negotiation.

Residents of the community of Chivasco say that crime, particularily home robberies, have continually increased in their region and demanded police agree to reinforced surveillance before handing over the alleged robber.

After threatening to do justice by their own hand, residents and police negotiated for his release. The man was eventually handed over. The native of Tlaxcoapan was arrested and turned over to the authorities of the Public Ministry for the crime of robbery.

According to the municipal Public Security Secretariat, residents found the alleged criminal inside a home. They alerted neighbors and organized to retain and punish him on their own, tying him to a light post to exhibit before the community.