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Survey reveals Mexico’s presidential leader after televised debate

Mexico City, Mexico — A new survey reveals Mexico’s presidential candidacy leaders after the country’s first ever televised political debate.

All five of Mexico’s presidential candidates participated in a live debate Sunday that was televised throughout the country. The results of that debate shows a shift in some presidential leaders by several points.

According to a survey of the GEA / ISA firms, candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador narrowed his advantage slightly against his closest rival, putting him in first position with 29 percent approval. PAN’s Ricardo Anaya is now five percentage points behind López Obrador.

López Obrador of the Morena party, is running for president for the third time. After the televised debate, the Morena party leader came away with a 29 percent approval rate compared to 28 percent after a mid-March survey.

After the televised debate, Ricardo Anaya, candidate of the front formed by the PAN and the PRD, obtained 24 percent of the public surveyed votes, up from 22 percent.

The ex-secretary of Finance of the current government, José Antonio Meade, candidate for an alliance led by the ruling PRI, held third place with 20 percent support.

Independents Margarita Zavala and Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, “El Bronco”, came away with 4 and 2 percent of public support, respectively.